Discover How You Can Make Incense Using 15 Sacred Herbs

You can now make incense easily and effectively at home. All you have to do is find the fragrance you want, a bowl and incense burning charcoal. Burn the charcoal and sprinkle a little of the fragrance you want. This will ensure that the incense you make will get the fragrance you want in your room. Of course, if you are going to be using incense, you need to know how each will benefit you and when you can use it when you make incense that you’ll love to call your own.

Incense is used in many cultures for purposes such as accents in religious ceremonies or aromatherapy. The process to make incense sticks is fairly simple and can be very rewarding to those interested in creating their own scent.

This comprehensive guide ” Make Incense Using 15 Sacred Herbs” will help you choose the right incense for any occasion.

As a plant, sage contains naturally occurring minerals. It is also known as a culinary spice that adds flavor to poultry dishes. As you make incense using sage, you can use it to treat different ailments. It is great for nerve stimulation and balancing estrogen levels in women.

Uses: Stimulated the central nervous system and the digestive tract, it is great for throat and mouth illnesses like tonsillitis. It is also a way of driving away negative energy from a room. It is also used to purify the aura of an individual.

In many cases, this incense indicates power and strength. In the ancient times, it was burned by the army before battle. It was also burned to dedicate a new castle or temple. It was also used to heal illnesses and conquer inferiority complexes.

Uses: it is used for purification, to attract money and stimulate strength and psychic powers. It is also used to prevent nightmares and healing diseases such as head colds.

This one has a scent much like that of vanilla. It is also known as vanilla grass, buffalo grass, and Seneca grass. It is also considered sacred medicine and was used for healing rituals and to attract good spirits and positive energy.

Uses: It is used to conjure beneficial spirits and to protect individuals from evil.

This is airy, cleansing fragrance that is best for refreshing the mind, body and the air around. It is common in rites and healing and varies in bracing herbal fragrances and florals. Its vibrations will vary based on the aroma and can be invigorating, soothing and gentle.

Uses:  it is used to induce sleep and rest feelings. It is also used to invoke the love of a man.

This is a tree that has been considered sacred and was used for as offerings to gods and deities. It is perfect for meditation sessions as it encourages pure thoughts and deepens your awareness. It removes energy blockages and relieves feelings of depression and stress.

Uses: it is used for purification and to attract love.

This is mainly used to promote peace and calm to individuals. After a long day at work, this is the perfect incense to burn in your home.  It helps to end conflict and re-establish friendships.

Uses: It is perfect for places where there is conflict as it promotes resolution and peace. It is perfect for meditation. Depressed individuals can use it to relieve feelings of depression and stress which may lead to other illnesses.

This fragrance is associated with the sun and is often thought to be a heavenly attribute of the gods. Traditionally, it was a funerary incense because it was thought to elevate one to the heavens and promote the birth of an individual to the next life just as the sun renews itself each day.

Uses: It is used for consecration, exorcism, purification and banishing evil. It also aids meditation rituals.

This is a fragrance that aligns perfectly with Venus. It is burned to encourage, induce prophetic dreams, increase one’s courage. It has strong love vibrations that any magickal incense and thus is used to burn and attract love both from others and self-love.

Uses: It is used to invoke feelings of love and desire. It is also used to improve the libido of people in the room. It is perfect for love spells and incites desires like glamour and lures

This is associated with the element of fire and is considered a protective herb that attracts good health, reeds curse, and hexes and repels thieves. It is used for purification to remove unwanted spirits from a person’s home and life. It is also considered a good luck charm that brings good luck when burned in a person’s new home.
This is considered the universal herb for protection and prophecy. It is used to scare away evil and improve psychic powers.

Uses: to ease menstrual pain, improve digestion and liver functions, relax the nervous system and expel parasites

Rosemary is another excellent herb to make incense and has a woody scent that intrigues and remains mysterious at the same time. It is often used to purify and heals. It is also used to revive skin cells allowing one to preserve their youthfulness. It is also great in fighting depression and stress as it promotes beautiful dreams and restful sleep.
This was often used as a purification herb as it offers protection against evil. It also aids in healing by attracting spirits of good luck and great health.
This was commonly burnt to protect people against evil spirits and deadly ghosts.

Uses: Today, it is used to attract love and maintain fidelity by invoking one’s libido. It is also used for good luck and wealth. It is perfect for love divination ceremonies.

This is associated with fire and water and is another favorite ingredient to make incense. It is also seen as a divine wood that is perfect for any deity. It is used to sermon a higher power and brings spiritual awareness. It is a favorite amongst witches and is used in healing rituals and wish-magic.

Uses: it is burned in exorcism to curse away demons and evil ghosts. It also conjures beneficial spirits that help bring good luck.


Chamomile means earth apple because it has an apple like scent that attracts people. It is loved because it is a sedative that causes relaxation. It is perfect when used 30 minutes before bed as it stimulates sleep and muscle rejuvenation.

Uses: it is used to heal anxiety, insomnia, menstrual cramps, burns and scrapes, rashes and mouth sores.