Persian Musk Home Decor Relaxing Incense Sticks by Satya Sai Baba – Pack of 15gm


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Persian Musk Incense Sticks by Satya Sai Baba – Organic Incense Sticks Hand-Rolled in Pure Essential Oil-Best Home Décor Incense Sticks-Relaxing Incense Sticks-Pack of 15gm

  • Get Close to Nature- The ingredients used in these magical Incense can get you close to nature, providing you feelings of happiness and you will relax as if you are living in the most relaxing place on the earth. The aroma in these Incense sticks can fill up your living place with fresh and natural senses even if you are living in a city with polluted air.
  • Have a Night Breeze Experience- The special and beneficial scents which these exotic incense sticks create can make you feel the night breeze of the Sahara Desert and help you to relieve stress in the most effective way.
  • Get to your Magical World- Persian Musk Incense Sticks are blended in all essential oils and fragrances which can bring you the best feelings of nature. Once you burn this amazing incense stick, you will get to your magical world and live your life the way you want to live.
  • Utterly Sexy- These incense sticks can bring nature to you and can create a seductive, provocative, and sexy environment, and ultimately bring love and charm to your life. It will help you and your special person to get beyond the worries and tensions in your lives and bring the feel of nature, making you passionate.
  • Incenses from organically grown herbs- This incense stick comes from the special, healing herbs which are grown especially at our own farms along with naturally grown sandalwood and intoxicating flowers. The Persian Musk Incense Sticks are for those who are unable to bring love to their life due to their work routine and other daily life problems. The fragrance which is created by these special and magical incense sticks can bring peace to your life, home and office, enabling you to have calm and pacifying qualities.

Here is how you can do all this:

  • Place your Persian Musk Incense stick in the hole made on the stick holder.
  • The stick will decline to make an angle with the Incense Stick holder.
  • Once the stick is placed properly, light up the tip of the Incense stick and allow the flame to move on a little bit.
  • Slowly, blow up the file and the stick will be releasing the fragrance.
  • The ashes will fall into the narrow space on the holder and remain there until you clean and wash them. These Persian Musk Incense Sticks can bring you peace, and relieve your stress enabling you to enjoy your life with ease.

Better to Remember

  •  Incense sticks can only be used for fragrance purposes only
  • Place the burning stick in a safe place
  • Burn on a heatproof and fireproof stand
  • Keep the indoor atmosphere ventilated while burning the incense sticks

Product Dimension: 5x15x5cm
Package Weight: 0.250 gm.
Packets per Box: 1
Package Includes: 1 x Persian Musk Incense Stick Packet
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Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 5 × 15 × 5 cm