Magic Spell Prosperity Incense – Lavender Fragrance with Incense Cones and Pentagram Cone Holder



Their envy can affect your prosperity! This box of magic spell prosperity incense includes 15 lavender-scented incense cones. It comes with a matching wooden pentagram holder, perfect for accompanying spells of prosperity. Pentagrams represent the five elements of nature. This incense incorporates the goodness of lavender with the power of nature’s five elements to bring prosperity to you. Use this magic spell incense for your overall wealth. This fragrance will attract powerful and divine things, whether used for spellwork or everyday enjoyment. While using these cones, manifest your dreams and focus on the good to get the best result.

Please use caution and never leave the incense unattended. Use it near the windows or in an empty room. Your pets have a stronger olfactory sense than you, so try to keep them away from the incense as the strong fragrance can bother them.


  • Box Dimension: 20x15x5 cm
  • Package Weight:0.500gm
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Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm