Gnome 27cm Rude Naughty Chef Man Standing Nudie Gnomes



Tranquility is in the air; you just have to feel it. This 27cm long Standing Nudie Ingenious Gnome may help you take care of your garden or home environment and make things more fun and interesting around you. This nudie chef gnome comes with a soft, conical, red-painted Phrygian hat with a stone mortar in one hand and a pestle in the other. You can use it in your garden to depict your garden tools and can place them around the garden or house in different places; in your backyard, in the flower beds, or in bushes. It can also be used in decoration by placing it around the fountain or pond or by the fence to make the environment more classy, engaging, and roomy. Gnomes have been widely used by people since the 19th century to look after their farm produce, livestock, and other things, but in the modern era, they are more commonly seen as handcrafted items used for decor and to make habitats adorable and engrossing. 

Box Dimension: 30x25x15cm
Box Weight: 1.000 kg

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Additional information

Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 15 cm