Bronze Chakra Lotus Incense Holder (Gift Box)


This incense holder would make a fantastic addition to your modern home decor. having a grand design and fine craftsmanship. The best value for gifts for wedding and anniversary celebrations Birthday presents, Diwali, award ceremonies, and housewarming celebrations are just a few examples. Festival gifts, among other things.


The Base Warehouse¬†presents a Bronze Chakra Lotus Incense Holder that can be used both in houses and offices. It protects kids from burns and is completely safe to use. It has a separate ash collector that keeps the office, room, and Pooja home clean. One can keep incense sticks in style with the help of this lovely holder. With these in great demand Home Decor and Gift products made of Bronze material, lend a look of luxury to your environment. This product’s exquisite design showcases the masterful inventiveness of the craftspeople. By displaying this elegant antique item in your living room or prayer room, you can impress your guests with your sophisticated taste. It is a unique focal point for your workplace or home.

Product Dimension: 30x15x15cm
Box Weight: 2.000 kg

Weight Packet:2.000 gm
Package Includes: 1 x Bronze Chakra Lotus Incense Holder
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Additional information

Weight 2.000 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm