Blue Dragon Incense Burner Dragon Burner Incense Holder Burner Ash Catcher -19cm



This dramatic  Blue Dragon incense burner portrays a strong, blue dragon sitting atop a woody old house. When an incense cone is lit and placed within, the smoke from the cone will flow through it, releasing incense-infused smoke that will flow around it and compress into a mist inside and around the piece, creating your ambiance aromatic while also being incredibly eye-catching. The Blue Dragon Incense Burner is an entirely distinctive yet worthwhile product. You must set this object on a heat-resistant surface. When incense burns, the mist it produces may leave a  light residue on the burner and the surface it is set on. Which can be removed with a moist cloth and is caused by the incense’s natural oils and resins. Incense should never be burned unattended.


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Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm