A  relaxing experience for incense lovers! Your Favourite Incense Delivered To Your Door Every Month!

1st Month FREE! ( Yep, Your 1st Incense Only Monthly Pack Order is on us! – HURRY – Promotion Ends Soon!)

Here’s How It Works!


What it is:

The Monthly Incense Club allows you to sign up to receive a monthly package of assorted incense sticks. You will be able to choose between any of the fragrances you want! Simply email us beforehand. Otherwise, a selection of the best sellers is randomly sent.

How it works:

You simply sign up for the club by paying for your first month’s package. Once we receive a notice that you have signed up we will prepare your incense package and send it out as soon as possible, you will also receive a tracking number with the email you provide. If you don’t receive a tracking number within 48 hours, please contact us.

How much does it cost:

Your first Order is FREE ( normally$15).  The Monthly Incense Club is $15.00/month after that.

There are 2 different packages.

Incense & Oils Subscription: $19.90 per month SAVE $10

Incense Surprise Package: $14.90 per month SAVE $5.00


Every month we will send to you a selection of your favorite incense PLUS FREE samples AND A chance to get into our Monthly Draw to WIN A Gift!